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Yeast is the least appreciated aspect of wine, beer, cider and mead making. The strain of yeast used can be the difference between a good brew and an award winning ale or wine.

We carry the following yeasts in stock to help you create the best possible product. Even though all kits contain a generic yeast package, we can help you select another style-specific yeast to help enhance your batch.

WineLalvinDryEC-1118Reds, Whites, Fruit Wines
Bourgovin RC 212Heavy Red Wines
K1-V1116Fruit Wines, Grape Wines
D47Whites, Rosés, Meads
71B-1122Whites, Rosés
BM 4X4Reds, Whites
WyeastLiquidDry White/SparklingDry White/Sparkling Wines
Red WineRed Wine
Fruity WhiteFruity White Wine
Italian RedItalian Red Wines
Summation RedBordeaux Style
Dry/FortifiedPort Style
Bold RedBold Red Wines
BeerCooper'sDryCooper's Yeast 15gMost Ales
LallemandDryNottinghamMost Ales
WindsorBritish Ales
London ESBBritish Ales
MunichWheat Beers
American West Coast (BRY-97)American Ales, IPAs
Belle SaisonSaisons, Belgian IPAs
FermentisDrySaflager S-23Lagers, Pilsners
Safbrew S-33Ales, Belgian, Trappist
Safale S-04English Ales
Safbrew BE-256Ales, Belgian Ales
Safale K-97German Ales, Belgian Ales
Safbrew T-58European Ales
Safale US-05American Ales
Safbrew WB-06Bavarian Style Wheat Beers
Saflager W-34/70Weihenstephan, Lager
WyeastLiquidAmerican Ale IIIPA's Pale Ales
Irish AleStouts, Irish Red Ales
British AleBrown Ales, Blonde Ales
Denny's Favorite 50American Ales
Czech PilsLagers, Pilsners
Many Other Varieties Available, See In-Store
WyeastLiquidSweet MeadMeads

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