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Winemaking Equipment

Half the battle of winemaking is having the right equipment for the job. We want to make sure you have everything you need ranging from basics such as starter kits, primaries, or carboys to advanced equipment such as drill de-gassers and automatic bottle fillers. If there is a piece of equipment that you need, but it’s not on this list, please contact us.

New to Wine Making?

We offer a starter equipment package which has everything that you need to get started!
Plus, you will get a 25% discount on your first wine kit when purchased at the same time!
For only $89.99, you will get:

• Primary Fermenter & Lid
• 23L Glass Carboy (Secondary)
• Airlock & Stopper
• Wine/Beer Hydrometer & Floating Thermometer
• Stirring Spoon
• “J” Racking Tube & Anti-Sediment Tip
• Siphon Hose & Shut Off Clamp
• Bottle Filler
• The Thief (Sampler & Test Jar)
• Wine Making Book
• Sterilant & Sulphite

We offer the following winemaking equipment in-store to help you enhance your process. We strive to keep this list up-to-date, however, please call or visit to ensure availability.

Cleaning SuppliesDouble Lever Corker
Rubber Stoppers / BungsCrown Capper
Primary Fermenter & Lids– variety of sizesShrink Cap Machine
Paddles and Spoons1/2 and 1 Gallon Glass Jugs
Fizz-X DegasserSiphoning and Racking Tubing and accessories
FunnelsTesting Equipment
Nylon and Muslin Straining BagsThermometers and Hydrometers
3 Piece Air LockWine Thief
Heat BeltsTitrets Sulphite Test Kit
Primary Fermenter LinersAcid Testing Kit
Carboy DrainerGlass Carboys – 11.5L, 19L, 23L
Fast Rack for Beer and WinePlastic Carboys – 11.5L, 23L
Bottle TreesCarboy Handle
Metal and Plastic Bottle WashersCarboy Harness Velcro
Bottle Fillers – Regular and Large18L Blue Water Jug
Brushes – various sizes availableCarboy Cart
Avvinator Sulphiter for BottlesWine Boxes with Bags – 5L, 7L, 16L
Super Auto Bottle FillerFloor Corker
Oak Barrels – 23L, 46L (By Order Only)Bench Capper
Rentals – see in-store for details


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