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Additives, Hops, Water


We love trying new things, whether it’s adding orange peels to beer or elderberries to wine, we have what your looking for. Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it’s the key to life. That’s why we offer many different ways for you to customize, change, tweak and improve every batch of wine or beer that you make.

Citric AcidPectic EnzymeStabilizer
WintergreenSulphitesPotassium Bicarbonate
SarsaparillaGypsumYeast Energizer
Coriander SeedsChalkYeast Nutrient
Dried Grapefruit PeelsClaro KCMagnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts)
Dried Lemon PeelsGelatine FiningsCalcium Chloride
Dried Sweet Orange PeelsSparkalloid FiningsPotassium Bitartrate (Cream of Tartar)
Dried Bitter Orange PeelsBentoniteAmylase Enzyme
Dried Rose HipsIrish MossAcid Blend
Brewers LicoriceWhirlfloc TabletsWine Conditioner
Cacao NibsPolyclarCorn Sugar (Dextrose)
Paradise SeedsElderberriesCane (Raw) Sugar
Blackberry Fruit PureeMalic AcidBurton Water Salts
Blueberry Fruit PureeTartaric AcidLicorice Root
Apricot Fruit PureeAscorbic AcidBelgian Candi Syrups
Cherry Fruit PureeLiquid OakLactose Sugar
Heather TipsOak Chips - American and FrenchCarbonation drops
Grape Tannin (Dry and Liquid)Oak Cubes - American and HungarianCampden Tablets
Red Grape ConcentrateHeading PowderBrew Body
White Grape Concentrate


We now carry a great variety of bittering hops to add to the boil or aroma hops you can use to dry-hop your beer (adding the hops after fermentation) and everything in between! Whether you are making a beer from a kit, a partial mash, or even an all-grain batch, we have something for you. Below is a list of the hops that we have in-store:

AmarilloSimcoeSorachi Ace
CascadeSummitNorther Brewer
CitraWarriorNelson Sauvin
East Kent GoldingFuggleChallenger
GalaxyHallertauMany, Many More!

The Forgotten Additive: Water

The most overlooked additive to either beer or wine by far is water. We always suggest adding the highest quality water to your kit so you get the best quality product at the end. With every wine or beer kit sold, we offer 20L worth of Reverse Osmosis water for free, just bring your container. Or if you are looking to purchase water for your water cooler or office, we offer the following pricing structure:

Reverse Osmosis Water Refills

Prepaid 30 Refills @ $1.99 each

Prepaid 10 Refills @ $2.49 each

Or 1 Refill @ $2.99 each



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